How to extract the Activity Logs from Silverline Portal


  • The intent of the article is to provide a process/guide to extracting Activity logs from Silverline Portal.


  • Silverline WAF
  • Silverline DDoS
  • Proxy/Proxies



  1. Identify the object ID in which you are interested (Proxy, WAF policy, Profile, etc ), it will be located in the last part of the URI path right before the object name: proxy_configuration_2.JPG  
  2. Go to Activity > Activity Log section and select the Type of the object.
  3. Once the Type is select, the object ID should be entered in the Search and the activity Logs for the configuration object will be displayed.mceclip1.png
  4. Additionally, the Silverline portal can store up to 6 months of Activity Logs, these can also be downloaded by clicking on the Download option located at the top right of the page.mceclip2.png


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