How To: Configure a proxy with backends in different geographies


This article will teach you how to robustly configure proxy backends using:

  • IP addresses
  • Regional fully qualified domain names (FQDNs)
  • FQDNs that utilize global server load balancing (GSLB)



  • Proxy/Proxies
  • Proxy Backend



  1. Identify all FQDNs and IPs to use as backends and define a block for each using the "+Add" button.
    • If IP addresses will not change unexpectedly, prefer them.

    • If periodically resolving FQDNs is required because the IP addresses will change frequently or unexpectedly, use FQDNs that do not utilize GSLB.

    • If FQDNs that use GSLB are your only option, they can be used but be aware that they may have suboptimal results.

  2. For each block, select the scrubbing centers that should use it.

Warning: Silverline does not recommend using FQDNs that depend upon GSLB for proxy backends. Doing so may cause unnecessary latency or other undesired effects. Issue: Managed proxies that specify FQDNs may have higher latency


In the example below, is an FQDN that resolves to resources in Europe when clients reach either the UK or Germany scrubbing center. Silverline will periodically resolve this FQDN and use all returned IP addresses.



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