Proxy Data Centers - Portal pop-up alert to notify customer select additional Data Center

In the Silverline portal proxy configuration panel - Back End IP or DNS Name sub-section



customers have the option to select both Scrubbing Data Centers and Regional PoPs (Points of Presence).   The difference between the Scrubbing Center and the Regional PoPs is that both provide WAF services but Scrubbing Centers will be used to mitigate all DDoS activity for the prefix or individual proxy.  (Customers must select a single scrubbing center to announce the IP address of the proxy through that facility).


Customers can select any mix of Scrubbing Data Centers and Regional PoPs that best serve their client base and offer optimal routes for requests.  


However, customers who select only one Scrubbing Center and no Regional PoPs


will receive a message, in the form of a pop-up:  


Before saving the current configuration, please be aware of the following:

  • This proxy has only one Data Center selected for its configuration. Are you sure you want to save this proxy with only one Data Center configured?



It is recommended that customers select multiple Scrubbing Centers and Regional PoPs so that application availability is achieved through routing redundancy.

This information is published in the Silverline Portal release 2022.02

For more details on cloud scrubbing technologies refer to 



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