Q&A: What are Firewall Groups?



What is a firewall group? What is it used for?

  • How can I apply different firewall rules to different tunnels?


  • DDoS
    • BGP/GRE
    • Firewall


A Firewall Group is a named list of firewall rules. It is a logical grouping of ACLs.

  • You can apply this group to any GRE tunnel(s) you would like in place of the default firewall group (named "Default").

How to Use them?

In the Config > Routed Configuration > Firewall Rules section of portal, click on the "Firewall Rule Group"  drop down and select "Manage Groups".




Here you can add new firewall rule groups as well as view the current ones. In this example, our tunnels are all using the Default set of rules. However, you can edit any tunnel you would like to use a different firewall group.




To edit the new firewall group, you select it in the main page in the Firewall Rule Group drop down.



Apply to Tunnel

In the Config > Routed Configuration >  GRE tunnel management section, click on the tunnel you wish  to apply the new firewall group to:





In the GRE tunnel configuration,  (GRE Tunnel Set-up Guide)  select the Firewall Rule Group you would like to use and then submit the tunnel for deployment.  




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