How To Upgrade my Log Export 1 Configuration to Log Export 2



The steps required to upgrade from Log Export 1 to Log Export 2



  • Silverline DDoS
  • Silverline WAF
  • Threat Intelligence
  • iRules



If you do not already have Log Export 1 enabled and wish to configure Log Export 2 for the first time, the instructions for doing so can be found here: How To Configure Log Export 2

  1. Authorize F5 Silverline's IP address space to your log collector/SIEM
    Q&A: What IP Addresses Does Log Export Use To Send Traffic?
  2. Submit a support request or send an email to requesting an upgrade to Log Export 2. Please include any time preference (with time zone) for the migration to occur.
  3. The Security Operations Center (SOC) will schedule and execute the conversion.
  4. Confirm your configuration and then notify the SOC to remove the legacy Log Export 1 configuration.


Important Note: Log Export 2 logs will be sent from each Point of Presence (mPop/rPoP) that a proxy is deployed in. To ensure you receive all log messages you must allow a specific list of F5 Silverline SNAT IPs to your firewall allow-list. Failure to do so may result in some, or all, log messages being undelivered.


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