Q&A: What is "Upgrade Available" label in Proxy Management?


In Silverline Portal, on Config > Proxy / App Configuration > Proxy / App Management, there is the label "Upgrade Available" displayed next to the proxies.

  • What is this label?
  • How do I upgrade my proxies?




  • Silverline WAF
  • Silverline Shape Defense
  • Silverline Layer 7 DDoS
  • Proxy/Proxies


Silverline Engineering is working to upgrade Customer Proxies to our latest Orchestration. As part of this upgrade, the label "Upgrade Available" is displayed next to the proxies when you navigate to Config > Proxy / App Configuration > Proxy / App Management.

For how to upgrade, see the below sections:


How to Upgrade if Proxy is HTTP / HTTPS / WAF

If the proxy you're upgrading is one of the following service types: HTTP / HTTPS / WAF, consider Silverline's new 'Application Proxy' model, which will allow for significant new features and functionality:

  • HTTP/2
  • Multi-FQDN Support
  • Regional PoP Support
  • F5® Application Traffic Insight Support (Optional)
  • Shape Security Support (Optional)
  • Future HTTP/S Enhancements (mTLS, etc)

For procedure, see: How to Clone a 'Classic Proxy' to 'Application Proxy'.

  • This article explains the small, but important, differences between 'Classic' proxies and 'Application' proxies


How to upgrade if Proxy is not HTTP / HTTPS / WAF

If the proxy you're wanting to upgrade is not HTTP / HTTPS / WAF:

  • Upgrading is supported for classic proxies that are on the legacy proxy infrastructure. Eligibility will be visible in the Silverline Portal with an 'Upgrade Available' badge on the app/proxy list page.
  • Silverline Engineering will do this for the customers with an Internal Change Management in place.
  • Procedure: Reach out to the Silverline SOC to request upgrade: Contact SOC / Contact Silverline Support


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