How to Search Silverline Knowledge Base from within Portal


  • You can search the Silverline Knowledge Base without leaving Silverline Portal
  • This article explains how to access and use the Knowledge Bot


  • Silverline Portal
    • Knowledge Bot


Search Knowledge Base

  1. Log in to the Silverline Portal
  2. In the lower-left corner on any page, click the circular gray icon with the waving robot.
    • Location_of_KB_bot_on_Silverline.png
  3. Type search terms in search bar and click Enter key
  4. Click the title of Knowledge Base article you want to read
    • Below image shows the search terms "check proxy health" typed in at the bottom, and the desired article result at the top.
    • KB_bot_search_results.png
  5. If you want to read the article full-screen, scroll to the bottom of article and click Read More... This opens the article on the Knowledge Base.
    • KB_bot_read_more.png

Open Support Ticket

You can also open a support ticket via the Knowledge Bot in Portal via the 2nd tab in bot window.



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