Issue: Locked out of Silverline Portal account


  • You try to log into Silverline Portal, but your account is locked and thus you can't access Portal
  • Can't login to Portal
  • Error message: "Your account is locked"



  • Silverline Portal
  • User Management



  • After 6 failed login attempts, users are locked out of their Portal account. 



For Non-Admin Users

Ask to have your account unlocked. 2 Options:

  • Contact your Customer Admin to unlock account (preferred).
  • Or Contact the SOC to unlock account (may take longer)

For Customer Admins: How to Unlock Portal Account

  1. Navigate to Customer Info (Portal's home page) > Users
  2. Locate the locked user account, which will say Locked under the Actions column
    • Screen_Shot_2021-02-11_at_4.53.39_PM.png
  3. Under the Actions column, click Unlock Account
  4. Inform user that they can now log in


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