How To Exclude Paths From Shape Protection



This article will guide you on how to exclude paths from Shape protection.  This option is useful when you want to protect all paths under /main/central/* but exclude /main/central/404.html or /main/central/502.html, etc from Shape protection. 

Note : Shape will inject javascript on every path on the proxy's configured FQDN but will only enable protection on endpoints that are explicitly defined in the portal.



  • Silverline Shape Defense 
  • Silverline Web Scraping



Follow the procedure :

  1. Log in to Silverline Portal
  2. Navigate to Config > Proxy/App Configuration > Proxy/App Management
  3. Select the desired proxy under Live Configuration
  4. Navigate to HTTPS under ServicesScreen_Shot_2020-12-02_at_8.09.24_PM.png
  5. Select Shape Security
  6. In Javascript Insertion - Excluded Paths, add the desired paths you like to exclude. You can add multiple paths by separating with a comma. You can enter wildcard paths and/or absolute paths in the list (For Instance - /main/*,/main/*/abc,/main/central/404/html) Screen_Shot_2020-12-02_at_8.15.56_PM.png


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