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Silverline Shape Defense now has the option to protect public information against Web Scraping. The addition of Web Scraping protection in the Silverline Shape Defense service will help customers control how scrapers and aggregators harvest data from websites, allowing them to protect their most valuable and sensitive data.

  • For example: your website has prices publicly-listed (not behind login wall) and you want to prevent these from being scraped by bots
  • Must be turned on by the SOC - If you are an existing Shape Defense customer and you'd like Web Scraping protection, contact the SOC. If you don't have Shape Defense, contact your Silverline Sales representative.

How it works

Silverline Web Scraping Protection is a countermeasure that uses an intermediary page to execute Silverline Shape Defense’s (SSD) JavaScript (JS). This JS collects telemetry, which is used to provide an inference into the nature and origin of requests to Silverline protected endpoints. The Silverline Shape Defense Engine (SSDE) uses the telemetry to distinguish human traffic from malicious automated traffic (bots). It then leverages web cookies to streamline each valid human user’s experience while mitigating the malicious traffic with customer configurable actions.

More details: Q&A: How does Silverline Shape Defense Web Scraping Protection Work?



If you are new to Shape Defense, start here: Getting Started with Silverline Shape Defense (Onboarding)


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To Configure Web Scraping Protection, read the following content:


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