Q&A: What is Displacement of Proxy?



What does a proxy displacement by the SOC mean?



  • Silverline WAF
  • Silverline DDoS
  • Proxy / Proxies



Displacement - a series of proxy deployments during which we disable scrubbing centers one-by-one, so that any corrupt configuration is removed. No outage is expected. During this process, the proxy may be moved to another part of the infrastructure, and software version change may appear.

  • As a procedure that needs proxy deployment, it can cause a reset of the client's session. Solved by refreshing page in the browser.
  • Usually takes 30 minutes, during which clients may encounter resets. 
  • Because of nature of this process we would suggest to schedule this activity with SOC outside of business hours to avoid any potential issues.

Important Note

  • If all of your user base is traversing through single geolocation datacenter, this will ultimately result in session disconnection for all user base.
  • In cases where user base is more spread out globally, this is less impactful.


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