Q&A: Which Endpoints to Protect with Silverline Web Scraping Protection (Shape Defense)?


  • When Should I Use Silverline Web Scraping Protection?
  • Which Endpoints Should I Protect with Silverline Web Scraping Protection?



  • Silverline Shape Defense
  • Silverline Web Scraping Protection
  • Bot defense
  • Bot protection
  • Anti-bot



Silverline Web Scraping Protection should be used when:

  • A request to an endpoint initiates from a third-party website which can't be instrumented with SSD JS.
    • For example: a user searches for a flight through Kayak or Google (3rd party website) and clicks a link that initiates a query on an airline site (needs Web Scraping Protection)
  • The protected resource is accessed via ordinary HTML <a href="..."> hyperlinks on the site; no form exists.
  • An HTML form (non XHR based) triggers a GET request rather than a POST.


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