What is Web Scraping? What are Benefits of Silverline Web Scraping Protection (Shape Defense)?


This article answers:

  • What is Web Scraping?
  • Do I need Silverline Web Scraping Protection?
  • What are Benefits of Silverline Web Scraping Protection (Shape Defense)?
  • When should I use Web Scraping Protection?

This article describes

  • negative effects of malicious bot traffic to your application
  • benefits of enabling a mitigation service
  • use cases to decide which endpoints to protect.



  • Silverline Shape Defense
  • Silverline Web Scraping Protection
  • Bot defense
  • Bot protection
  • Anti-bot



What is Web Scraping?

OWASP (Open Web Application Security Project® ), a non-profit organization that works to improve the security of software, describes Scraping as collecting accessible data and/or processed output from the application.

  • Scraping may use fake or compromised accounts, or the information may be accessible without authentication.
  • The scraper may attempt to read all accessible paths and parameter values for web pages and APIs, collecting the responses and extracting data from them.
  • Scraping may occur in real time or be more periodic in nature.
  • Some Scraping may be used to gain insight into how it is constructed and operates - perhaps for cryptanalysis, reverse engineering, or session analysis.
  • Diagram of Scraping:
    • Web_Scraping.png

Web Scraping is done by bots, software programs that run automated tasks.

  • Good Bots (like Google or travel booking sites) aggregate data across sites to improve your user’s experiences and increase revenue.
  • Bad Bots have malicious intent and can negatively affect the user experience by slowing or denying service, or impact revenue with malicious activity like card cracking.

More info on Bots:


What are the Negative Impacts of Malicious Web Scraping?

The negative effects of malicious (non-sanctioned) Web Scraping:

  • Negative User Experience
    • Can impact your user’s ability to interact with your site
  • Reduced Revenue
    • Malicious schemes can siphon revenue
  • Skewed Data
    • Malicious traffic can skew data metrics
  • Performance Degradation
    • Increased traffic can slow site performance
  • Compromised Assets
    • User credentials can be compromised
    • Intellectual property (IP) can be compromised


What are the Benefits of Silverline Web Scraping Protection?

  • Improved Customer Experience
  • Increased Site Profitability 
  • Clean Data
  • Secure Assets (IP)


When Should I Use Silverline Web Scraping Protection? Which Endpoints Should I Protect?

Q&A: Which Endpoints to Protect with Silverline Web Scraping Protection (Shape Defense)?


How to Turn On Silverline Web Scraping Protection

You must be a Shape Defense Customer. 

Silverline Web Scraping Protection must be turned on by the Silverline SOC: How to Contact the SOC 


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