How to Configure Silverline Web Scraping Protection (Shape Defense)




  • Silverline Shape Defense
    • Bot defense
    • Bot protection
    • Anti-bot
  • Silverline Web Scraping



  1. Follow full Shape Defense configuration details: see How to Configure Shape Defense (SSD)
  2. The part of SSD configuration that's relevant to Web Scraping is:
    1. Select GET (Scraping) from the Method drop down for the desired endpoint. This step activates Web Scraping Protection for this endpoint.
    2. When choosing Application Type, select Web
    3. Recommendation: For Action, Enable Flag mode
      • Validate Silverline Web Scraping Protection is serving the intermediate page with JS before enabling intrusive mitigation modes (Redirect, Block).
      • Failure to enable Flag mode will result in false positives. 
  3. Once configured, validate that it's working: How to Validate Silverline Shape Defense Web Scraping Protection



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