Q&A: How to assign DNS for Application Proxies with Bare Domains?



  • How do I assign a static Front-End IP address for bare domain Application proxies?
  • How to assign DNS for proxies with bare domains?

What is a Bare Domain?

  • Bare domain - a custom domain that does not contain a subdomain
  • Example:
    • Bare
    • Not Bare domain: -- "www" is a subdomain
  • Also known as naked or subdomain domains.



  • Silverline
    • Application Objects
  • Regional PoP/s
  • GoDaddy




If bare domain has a CNAME record applied to it, it can not have any other record types.

  • CNAME is the ONLY record type that is allowed for that domain

  • "A" records, "NS" records, "MX" records are all invalid because the "CNAME" exists


2 options to resolve this:

  • Option 1: CNAME flattening - the DNS service provider can recursively resolve the CNAME at the root to return the IP address associated with the A record.

  • Option 2: Contact SOC / Contact Silverline Support to create a Classic proxy:
    • Includes only the Major scrubbing centers (without rPoPs), i.e., US-West, US-East, Asia, London, and Frankfurt.

      • Does not allow Regional PoPs (RPops) locations.

      • Redeployment will remove any existing deployments to RPoPs.

    • SOC provides an anycast virtual-address within 107.162/16 CIDR.

    • SOC deletes the default FQDN or CNAME host resource record and replaces it with an "A" resource record -- a static anycast virtual-addresses residing within 107.162/16 CIDR.  

  • Option 3: GoDaddy hosting
    • If your DNS is hosted with GoDaddy, in order to add CNAME records for naked domain - you need to forward naked -> www -> FQDN (Assigned DNS Name : * For this purpose, you can use their free service to make it work.
      • In the GoDaddy domain manager, look on the left-hand side for Forwarding settings and click Manage.
      • Then configure it to forward to and update your DNS to deploy the change. Keep the Advanced Options at their defaults.


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