How To Change Permissions for Secure File Repository User's Access



Secure File Repository is a method to share files between Silverline and its customers

  • Silverline SOC often sends files to customers via the secure file repository
  • Customer upload files to the secure file repository so it can be visible for SOC, Portal Users, and parent accounts (if applicable) securely.
  • Silverline SOC is granted file access by default
    • Customers can modify the file permission access



  • All Silverline Customers
  • Silverline Portal



  1. Navigate to the Secure File Repository in the Silverline Portal: Q&A: Where is the secure file repository located and how do I access it?
  2. Check the current file's permission by looking in the Access column (SOC is allowed by default)
  3. Hover on the desired file and click the 3-dot menu that appears on the right.
  4. Select Edit
  5. Select the permissions that you would like to give to the file. Click Update.mceclip3.png
  6. The permissions are updated with the permissions granted, which can be verified under the Access column.



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