How To Receive DDoS Reports via Email


  • DDoS Reports can be sent via email on daily, weekly, or monthly intervals
  • All generated DDoS Reports are stored under Dashboards > DDoS Dashboards > Reports Tab
  • DDoS reports are only available in PDF or XML format. Please note that XML reports will not contain details about DDoS alerts.
  • If you have no active reports in your account, please contact the SOC to create reports -- include how often you would like reports.



  • Silverline DDoS
  • Portal Features:
    • Reporting
    • Dashboards



Note: If you have no active reports, contact the SOC. DDoS Reports can only be configured by the SOC. 
  1. Users can subscribe to receive DDoS Reports directly from a User Profile. (My Profile)portal_1a.png
  2. In the User Profile, go to the Subscriptions tab user_profile_ddos_reports_2.png
  3. Check the desired boxes:


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