Q&A: Where do I access Weblogs / raw logs in Silverline?



  • Does Silverline have raw HTTP logs for the proxy/proxies?
  • Can I see all the connections to proxy/proxies in Silverline Portal?



  • Silverline WAF
  • Silverline DDoS
  • Proxy/Proxies
  • Weblogs, LTM logs, and/or HTTP request logs



How to Access Weblogs

  1. In the Silverline Portal, navigate to Monitor & Analyze > Weblogs
  2. The following screen with the logs appears (click to expand)
    • Screen_Shot_2020-11-12_at_3.44.44_PM.png

How to Filter and Download Weblogs

  1. Click Filter in the upper-left and define the filter using fields
    • example: "Method" "is" "GET"
    • example: "Country" "is not" "US"
    • example: "File extension" "is not" "js css"
  2. Use the Time range filter in the upper-right to choose time range of log data.
    • F5_Silverline_Portal.jpg
  3. Download logs by using the blue Download button in the right corner of the Portal screen.
  4. Go to My Downloads under your name in the top-right of Portal
  5. Download the CSV by clicking the download icon on the right
    • Screen_Shot_2020-11-12_at_3.52.09_PM.png


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