Q&A: How to Review the Current Configured Threshold Values for DDoS Detection?


How to review the configured threshold values for DDoS detection

  • Can the SOC provide information about the thresholds configured on my account for DDoS detection?
  • Can the threshold values be modified?



  • DDoS
    • Routed
    • Proxy



NOTE: Keep in mind that although the configured thresholds do help alert to potential attacks, the SOC has additional tools that provide visibility over traffic and early detection of potential attacks. The SOC can detect and mitigate attacks even before the threshold configured has been met; therefore, most customers do not require to set custom thresholds 

The information about the thresholds configured on the account can be found in the Portal, by navigating to Config > Monitoring Settings

  • There will be at least 1 policy that describes the type of traffic that's been protected
    • Routed - Refers to the prefixes protected in the routed mode
    • Proxy - Refers to the VIPs allocated for the proxy frontend
  • The information contained here reflects the settings on the monitoring platform
  • If you require any changes to the configured thresholds, Open a Ticket to the SOC 


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