Q&A: What is Looking Glass?


  • What is a public looking glass server (or LG server)?
  • What is the purpose of a public Looking Glass server?
  • Who provides a public Looking Glass server?



  • Silverline DDoS
    • Routed



  • Looking Glass servers (or LG servers) are computers on the Internet that host some variant of a publicly available LG server implementation and which are used as real-time sources of routing and BGP related information.
  • LG servers provide limited diagnostic testing "As-Is" from a read-only portal, to routers of any organization hosting a Looking Glass server/service portal.
  • Publicly-accessible looking glass servers are (generally) hosted and maintained by ISPs and/or NOCs, with many types of (default) LG server configuration additionally provided in their entirety via an open-source availability model.

Route Servers



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