Issue: L7 DDoS Profile Deployment Failed


On the L7 DDoS Profile Management page, the L7 DDoS Profile says "Deployment Failed" under "Deployment Status."


Portal Navigation

Config > Proxy Configuration > L7 DDoS Profile Management



  • Silverline Portal
  • L7 DDoS Profiles v3 (updated in Jan 2020)
  • Proxy / Proxied customers
  • Existing L7 DDoS Profiles created






Attempt to re-deploy the Profile in the Portal first, as this often fixes the initial issue.

  1. Hover your mouse on the row of the L7 DDoS Profile. The 3-dot menu will appear on the right-side of the row.
  2. In the 3-dot menu, click "Deploy." This attempts to re-deploy the profile.
    • L7DDoS_Deploy.png
  3. Wait a few minutes for updated deployment.
    • The time in the Deployment Status column will update.
  4. If the redeployment still doesn't work, then open a ticket with the SOC.


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