Q&A: Is it possible to add Port Range to proxies?



  • Is it possible to add Range of ports to proxies?
  • Does Silverline proxy infrastructure support ranges of ports?



  • Silverline DDoS
  • Silverline WAF
  • Proxies
    • TCP / UDP
    • HTTP / HTTPS


  • No, Silverline Proxies (VIP) do not support port ranges.
  • In order to configure multiple ports on a VIP, additional services must be added to the proxy configuration.
  • Additionally, the proxies have a limit of services configured on the proxy to ensure deployments and performance remain stable. For current limitations, see: Q&A: What are the Silverline Portal Configuration Limits?
    • Therefore, it would not be possible to add a range of over 14 ports (for example) as that would require this proxy to have at least 14 services enabled, which surpasses the configuration limit per proxy.  


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