Q&A: What does "validation-state: unverified" mean when reviewing BGP route output?



What does validation-state: unverified mean?

  • Does it indicate it is an invalid route?
  • Are there any issues with this message?



  • DDoS
    • Routed
  • BGP



The statement validation-state:unverified does not indicate an invalid path, but warns that this path has not been validated by the Origin validation configuration.

There are different messages that can be displayed:

  • Invalid - Indicates that the prefix is found, but either the corresponding AS received from the eBGP peer is not the AS that appears in the database, or the prefix length in the BGP update message is longer than the maximum length permitted in the database.
  • Unknown - Indicates that the prefix is not among the prefixes or prefix ranges in the database.
  • Valid - Indicates that the prefix and autonomous system pair are found in the database.


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