How to Edit, Export, or Delete Custom Dashboards



  • Create custom views into Silverline that come from different parts of the service. 

Portal Navigation



  • Silverline Portal
    • Dashboards



Portal Navigation

Navigate to Dashboards in Portal top-level navigation menu. Here you'll see any Custom Dashboards that your admin users have created.

  • Only admin users can create their own dashboards.
  • Any user can view these dashboards.


View & Edit Existing Custom Dashboards

1. Navigate to Dashboards menu in the top left of the screen.


2. Click the name of the dashboard you wish to view or edit.

3. Once the dashboard is open, edit the dashboard by clicking Edit in the upper-right.

  • Custom_Dashboards_-_Edit.png


Export or Delete Existing Custom Dashboards

In the same upper-right menu where you Edit Dashboards, you can also:

  • Export dashboard to PDF --> Export is saved in "My Downloads" under your name drop-down in upper-right of Portal.
  • Delete dashboard. --> Asks for confirmation to delete.



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