Q&A: Does WAF Support VMware Portals such as VDI Portal?






  • Silverline WAF
  • Policy/Policies
  • Proxy/Proxies



  • We do allow you to pass traffic through the proxy, using a Generic-TCP / Generic-UDP port. But adding Web-Application-Firewall (WAF) policies won't add security to it, due to the nature of the communication protocols for VDI:

    • It is a different protocol than the common web-applications that use HTTPS.

    • Our WAF-policies only know how to interpret HTTPS. Hence, applying a WAF-policy to the proxy would only cause false-positive problems, and not really add any security-benefit.

  • We do offer additional security for non-HTTP applications (Generic-TCP/UDP service)  in the form of Threat Intelligence profiles, and iRules.


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