Q&A: What does the Shape Defense JavaScript code do?


What does the Shape Defense JavaScript code do?



  • Silverline Shape Defense
  • Bot defense
  • Bot protection
  • Anti-bot



The Javascript code injected into your protected endpoints' code does the following:

  • obtains signals from the browser, such as: browser type and version, headers, construction of the DOM (Document Object Model), and many others
  • signals are used by the Shape Shifter Elements to evaluate whether the requester is human or automation/bot

The process for Javascript insertion is the following:

  1. Client visits a Silverline Shape Defense protected endpoint (URI designated in Shape Defense Configuration)
  2. HTML script tags are inserted into the server response(s).
  3. Once the HTML page is loaded into the browser, the script element tags are processed and the JavaScript (JS) code snippet is sent to the browser from the Silverline Shape Shifter Elements (SSEs) and executed.


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