Q&A: What information do I need to onboard with Silverline Shape Defense?


  • What information do I need to enable Bot mitigation with Silverline Shape Defense?
  • How do I prepare to onboard and enable Bot mitigation with Silverline Shape Defense?



  • Silverline Shape Defense
  • Bot defense
  • Bot protection
  • Anti-bot



To prepare for Bot mitigation on Silverline, you will need the following information:

  • Must have control of Authoritative DNS records.
    • Customers will need to reprogram the IP of their authoritative DNS record for the domain they want to protect to point to their application’s Silverline-assigned CNAME.
  • The IP address(es) or FQDN of your origin server for a given application.
    • Customers must define the IP address(es) or FQDNs that Silverline will send traffic to the source HTTP server(s).   
    • Silverline will route all traffic back to your origin server.
    • For multiple origin back-ends, define all IPs or FQDNs and use a load balancing algorithm available in Silverline.
  • URI’s to be protected
    • Customers should define the URIs they want to be protected prior to onboarding.
  • Actions to be taken on each URI
    • Customers should define the actions to be used for each URI. These are Flag/Block/Redirect/Drop.
  • Allowlisted IP Addresses
    • Identify any IP addresses that will NOT need to be inspected by Silverline Shape Defense.

Once you have this information, see: Integrating Shape Defense


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