How To Schedule A Meeting/Change Request With Silverline SOC

What Happened?

Silverline SOC is a 24/7 global group, with physical SOCs around the world.

  • This article will give you the necessary guidance to schedule any meeting/change request with the SOC
  • After reading this article, you will be able to seamlessly schedule meetings/change request with the SOC


  • Silverline WAF
  • Silverline Shape Defense (SSD)
  • Silverline DDoS
  • XC Managed


If you are having a production impacting event

  • Call Silverline SOC
    • (866) 329-4253 or +1 (206) 272-7969 (International numbers can be found here)
  • Advise SOC of a production impacting event that needs urgent analyst presence
  • Should the call not be answered, please follow the escalation matrix

For non-production impacting events

  • Submit ticket to Silverline SOC via Ticket Form
    • A minimum of 24 hrs advanced notice is required
    • Request three (3) possible date/time/timezone combinations of your possible availability
    • SOC will verify internal availability and schedule the first requested window we have available
    • SOC will schedule the meeting/change request window internally and provide Zoom meeting details in ticket (if applicable)
    • SOC will book 30-60 minutes time slots as default depending of the purpose of the call/change request
    • SOC will confirm with the customer the topics to be reviewed and the duration of the call. In the case of a change request, SOC needs to have all relevant details confirmed by customer prior to the change request window/call to execute it as best as possible without delays. 
    • SOC will confirm the meeting/change request window has been scheduled if call/change details are provided by the customer.

      Note: SOC confirmation is required to consider the meeting/change window booked and expect attendance. 

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