How To: Only allow certain IP addresses to access / use your proxy


  • I want a list of IP addresses or range to send traffic to a proxy and block IPs, not in the list
  • I want to allow QA/trusted IP addresses only

Is this the same as allowlisting IP Addresses for WAF Policies or DDoS?



  • DDoS Proxy
  • WAF Proxy 
  • Allowlist



  1. Open a ticket with F5 Silverline SOC and request an allowlist iRule to only allow certain IPs to use the web application proxy.
    • Example iRule logic for X-Forwarded-For
      • when HTTP_REQUEST priority 202 {
          set True_Client_IP [call ag_info0::http_client_ip X-Forwarded-For]

          if { ![class match -- $True_Client_IP equals [call ag_info0::datatable_name allowlist_table]] } {
            set agl [call ag_log0::open -rulename allowlist_XFF -rulever 1]
             call ag_log0::http_kvp $agl INFO action "blocked" blocked 1
        event disable all  


  2. SOC will set the iRule up in your account along with an associated data table
    • The data table will by default contain a Private non-routable IP like
    • The data table should not be empty
  3. Then, add trusted IP addresses to your data table
  4. Attach the iRule to your proxy
  5. Test


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