Q&A: Does Silverline support WebSocket?


  • Does Silverline support WebSocket?
  • Are there any plans to support WebSocket in the future?
  • What are the best practice policies for WebSocket?



  • Silverline WAF
  • Proxy / Proxies
  • iRule



We do not fully support web-sockets, and our WAF policies do not support checks for web-sockets. We plan to add such functionality in the future.

However, we can provide an iRule (below) to disable WAF processing for web-sockets so the traffic is able to reach the backend server.

if { ([string tolower [HTTP::header value Upgrade]] equals "websocket" ) && ([string tolower [HTTP::header value Connection]] equals "upgrade" ) } {
URLs using websockets may trigger Illegal URL module of the WAF policy if a WAF policy is enabled. Depending on the blocking mode of the module/policy, the requests might be blocked or Alerted.


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