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Does Silverline support HTTP/2?

    • Yes - Silverline supports HTTP/2.
    • Present HTTP/2 capability is client <-> Silverline only.  Silverline <-> backend/origin does not yet support HTTP/2, which is planned for future releases.
    • Existing application proxy configurations will not be auto-updated

To enable HTTP/2, see: How to Enable HTTP/2 Capability


Is it possible to predict when Silverline proxy backend traffic will support HTTP/2?

Unfortunately, we can't provide any dates. The functionality is still being worked on and tested by our Engineering Team. You can subscribe to our release notes, where among the others info about HTTP2 will be published. 


Will we lose any features or functionality by moving from HTTP/1.1 to HTTP2?

There are a few things to take into consideration. HTTP2 can only be used in application proxies, not classic proxies (Eventually we plan to move every customer from classic to application proxy either way). 
The OneConnect and HTTP Cache features are not supported.
SSL profiles needs to use Perfect Forward Secrecy based on ECDHE or DHE. Your related client-ssl profile needs to have renegotiation disabled.
Due to the design of HTTP2 it might be some iRules that are implemented as of now to your proxies and work perfectly but may not perfectly work when switched to HTTP2. 
iRules should be tested in QA, UAT environments first; if you are using a SPDY/HTTP2 profile in versions before 14.1, TCL variables set before the HTTP_REQUEST event are not carried over to further events. Please find details in here


Is there anyone using HTTP2 in Silverline already?

Yes, there are many companies already leveraging client-side HTTP2 functionality. 



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