Q&A: When will Silverline's carriers be ready to accept my prefix advertisements?



What are Silverline's Carrier filter (prefix)-list update frequencies?

The following is the frequency of filter updates (extraction of registered routes objects from an internet route registry (IRR) and loading new filters onto routers) is done by an automated process. 



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Updates to the RADb take effect at once and are immediately reflected in queries to External IRRs are synchronously checked, every five minutes querying ALL (RADb) mirrored sources. Updates are then copied to the Merit FTP area every two hours throughout the day.


BGP filters start collecting objects from RIPE/RADB daily at 05:00 UTC and 19:00 UTC daily. In case of emergency customers can request a manual update of their BGP filter-sets at any time if requested by the customer end-user.

IRRs are checked asynchronously, normally 4 times per day and not less than 1 time per day. TATA can deliver full updates of the updates in 24h and 80% of the updates in 12h. 


Route lists are built at 01:00 UTC. If there is an email address listed in the NTTCOM Registry, unix style uni-diffs will be emailed depicting any changes from the last build of the route list plus a copy of the full list and any errors encountered while expanding your as-set.

Updated filters are loaded onto the routers and peers are soft-cleared at 04:00 UTC.


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