Why is the Status "Unavailable" for a Log Export destination?


  • Why is the Status "Unavailable" for a Log Export destination?Screen_Shot_2016-01-19_at_1.57.28_PM.png
  • What happens once the Log Export destination is available again?


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  • Silverline DDoS
  • Threat Intelligence
  • Log Export



If the Log Export destination is determined to be unavailable via internal health checks, the Status shows as Unavailable.  

  • The internal health check is a TCP monitor that checks for the ability to open a connection on the defined IP:Port 

When the Log Export destination becomes available again, messages are processed in the order they were placed on the queue (FIFO).

  • Up to 10K messages are queued for an unavailable destination.
  • Once the queue hits 10k, the oldest messages are pushed out of the queue.


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