Q&A: Best practice/Silverline recommendation for deploying WAF with a CDN?



  • I am curious as to whether there is a best practice / Silverline recommendation for deploying the WAF service when leveraging a CDN as well?
  • Are there any nuances or issues I need to keep in mind for this implementation?



  • Silverline WAF
  • Policy / Policies
  • Proxy / Proxies



  • The recommended setup is to run F5 Silverline WAF behind your CDN service. This deployment lets you get the most out of your CDN service.
  • You can then configure the CDN to inject the source client IP address in a typical "X-Forwarded-For" header or any header of your choosing, like Akamai for example that uses "True-Client-IP" headers.
  • Once Silverline knows which header contains the source client IP, we'll use that header to extract the source IP information. 
  • As for the rest of the process, the Silverline proxy will act as any other proxy would, where when traffic comes in, we forward traffic to the backend origin.


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