Q&A: What are route leaks?


  • What are route leaks?
  • How can they affect my service with Silverline?



  • Silverline DDoS
    • Routed
  • BGP 



A route leak is the propagation of routing announcement(s) beyond their intended scope.

In the context of Silverline:

  • If you intend to route traffic to Silverline for a period of time but some traffic is still arriving directly from the Internet, this is indicative of a route leak. 
  • In the event of an attack, if a route leak occurs, it is possible that malicious traffic will still reach your protected network.  
  • The F5 Silverline SOC can work with you to resolve route leaks. This is typically done during onboarding and testing so that when an attack does happen, route leaks will not be a problem.
  • Route leaks can be identified with looking glass aggregates among other tools.   


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