Q&A: What if I have an existing WAF Violation Block Page and I Want to Use It?



  • I want to modify the Block Page for the WAF policy to my own hosted Block Page
    • I have an existing Block Page and how can I use it instead?


  • Silverline WAF
  • WAF Policy
    • Support ID
    • WAF Violation
    • WAF Block page and Redirection


  • Silverline WAF policy does have the ability to redirect blocked request to a specific URL domain/location
    • we do not support multiple redirect locations and may only have up to 1 redirect location
    • For example, to redirect the blocking page to a URL with a support ID in the query string, provide the SOC the URL for redirection and configure your backend application to accept or log the value on the support ID parameter
      • Example  format: 
      • The system replaces <%TS.request.ID()%> with the relevant support ID so that the blocked request is redirected to the URL with the unique support ID

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