Q&A: Where can I see the total number of Violations / false negatives per WAF Policy?


  • Where can I see the Violation Count per WAF Policy?
  • Does the SOC have a way to report on false negatives?
  • Does the SOC have a way to report on the number of times a policy failed to block a violation?


  • Silverline WAF
  • Reporting


  • At the bottom of the WAF Violation Summary page in your Portal account, it breaks down violations count per WAF policy/policies. - How to View WAF Violation Logs in WAF Violation Summary 
  • You can export/forward WAF violation logs from Silverline to your SIEM endpoint in real-time
  • In addition, each user has an option in their Portal account for WAF Violation E-mail Frequency where a summary of WAF violations can be sent automatically on a daily, weekly, monthly bases or never receive them at all, to the e-mail address associated with the Portal account 

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