How to Put an L7 DDoS Profile into Transparent Mode



This article provides a guide/process to create/deploy L7 DDoS profile in Transparent Mode

  • I want to disable L7 DDoS blocks, but still want to see how it works
  • I don't want L7 DDoS to block any clients, but I want to see if Real Browser Detection (JavaScript challenge) or CAPTCHA causes any problems


  • Proxy/Proxies
  • Silverline WAF
  • Silverline DDoS
  • L7 DDoS Profiles
    • Rate-based (TPS) Anomaly Detection
    • Stress-based Anomaly Detection



  1. Browse to Config > Proxy Configuration > L7 DDoS Profile Management
  2. Click the L7 DDoS profile you want to edit
  3. In Rate-based (TPS) Anomaly Detection and/or Stress-based Anomaly Detection, click Options tab
  4. Flip the toggle for "Transparent Mode" to On

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