How do I Disable/Remove a User in My Portal account?


How to deactivate or disable individual user login accounts in Portal.

  • Example: "Someone left my company and I need to disable their Silverline Portal login account."



  • Silverline Portal
  • "Customer Admin" role required



The steps to accomplish topics outlined in Description.

  1. Login to Silverline Portal as a "Customer Admin"
  2. Click "Users"
  3. Find the user
  4. Click the Edit "pencil"
  5. Uncheck all message-services under "Subscribe To"
  6. Set Email-frequency to "Never"
  7. Set 'View WAF violation details" to "No"
  8. Set Roll to "Read Only"
  9. Scroll to "Status"
  10. Select "Inactive"

User accounts cannot be deleted for compliance and logging purposes, however, their user account will no longer have any access to your Silverline services by web or by phone once deactivated.


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