Q&A: Where can I find my BGP peer secret?


I'm ready to establish BGP peers, where do I find the needed BGP peer secret?

  • Each customer gets a unique BGP peer secret / passphrase / password once their first GRE tunnel is provisioned
  • This peer secret is used on all BGP peers
  • Note: In order to be able to see the BGP peer secret in the portal, it is required to have a "Customer Admin" role type. For more information about user roles, please see: Q&A: What are the User Roles in Silverline Portal?


  • Silverline Routed DDoS


Your BGP passphrase is listed in your portal under Config > Routed Configuration > GRE Tunnel Management > "Live Configuration" Tab:

  • Click "Peer Secret" to expand to reveal the BGP peer secret.
  • The peer secret will be a series of letters, numbers, and symbols i.e. abccdef12345!
  • This peer secret is required for BGP Configuration for DDoS Protection Setup



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