How to Set Up Real-Time Incident Procedures (RTIP) for DDoS Attacks


Real-Time Incident Procedures (RTIP) in Silverline Portal are steps for the SOC to follow when facing an incident.



  • Silverline DDoS
  • DDoS Attacks
  • Portal
    • Customer Info



1. Select "Customer Info" tab



2.Select "Edit Customer" Tab


3. Edit RTIP in the text box.

Expand the box by dragging from the bottom-right corner.



Example Template for RTIP

Real-Time Incident Procedures

DDoS Attacks / Security or infrastructure Issues:
Please follow regular mitigation process and open a ticket with NOC and SOC teams.
Email addresses:,

Low severity issues, like BGP flaps:

In case of BGP Tunnel flaps or other network technical issues,
contact NOC and SOC teams. Email to the following address:
Notification emails:,


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