F5 Silverline - Customer Success

Silverline Customer Success Team

In addition to best-in-class Managed Security Service offerings, F5 Silverline maintains a team of Customer Success Managers, to guide and advocate for Silverline customers through the entire customer lifecycle: service on-boarding, service adoption, periodic service reviews, and service renewal.

The Silverline Customer Success Managers (CSMs) are a separate team from the Silverline Security Operations Center (SOC) Analysts.  Both the CSM team and the 24x7 SOC team are included in the base Silverline service offerings at no cost to our customers.

Key benefits of our Customer Success practice:

  • Customer Loyalty & Value Generation: Ensure that customers derive value from their investment with Silverline, utilize their subscription, identify new opportunities, and collaborate with other partner teams to ensure adoption and a successful engagement.
  • Customer Advocacy: Lead internal relationships to promote customer success activities such as on-boarding, training, professional services, customer support, renewals, also to help identify usage requirements and milestones as engagements evolve.
  • Customer Success: Understand the customers cloud and security strategies, then guide them by providing resources that can assist their strategic business direction.


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