How To Change / Update GRE Endpoint IP Address


When changing Internet Service Providers (ISP) or relocating data centers, usually the GRE endpoint IP will change. Therefore, the new IP address needs to be updated on the GRE tunnel configuration in order to build the GRE tunnel. 



  • Silverline DDoS
    • Routed Configuration
  • Customer Configuration IPv4 GRE tunnel



  1. In the Portal, navigate to Config > Routed Configuration > GRE Tunnel Management
  2. Click on the Deployed tab.
  3. Click on the button at the top-right corner labeled "GRE Tunnels for ASN XXXX"
  4. On the tunnel configuration page, update the Customer Tunnel Endpoint field with the new IP address
    • Must be non-RFC1918 (publicly routable).
    • Important: Cannot be included in the protected subnets.
  5. Save configuration
  6. As soon as you make a change in the Portal, the SOC will get notified directly via ticket and deploy the tunnels. Rebuilding Tunnels takes 15 minutes. 

NOTE: Once the GRE tunnels have been saved and deployed, it is not possible to modify the Silverline scrubbing center where tunnels are terminated.


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