How to Add L7 DDoS Profile to Proxy


  • L7 DDoS Profile is already created and configured ( following How to Configure New L7 DDoS Profiles
  • Need to add profile to proxy
  • Procedure below is the steps to add an existing L7 DDoS Profile to an existing proxy



  • Silverline Portal
  • L7 DDoS Profiles v3 (updated in Jan 2020)
  • Proxy / Proxied customers



1. Configure a new L7 DDoS Profile -- see How to Configure New L7 DDoS Profiles

2. Save the L7 DDoS Profile. It's now available to add to Proxy using the Proxy Configuration pages.

3. Navigate to Config > Proxy Configuration > Proxy Management.

4. Add a new proxy, or Edit an existing proxy -- See Proxy Set-Up Guide for more details.

5. In the proxy configuration details for the new or existing proxy, select one of the Services in left-hand menu.

6. Under Security Policies, find the Layer 7 DDoS Profiles drop-down.



5. Click "Save and Deploy."


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