What are the Silverline Portal Configuration Limits?


  • Are there any configuration restrictions? 
  • What are the default limits to Silverline Portal Configuration?
  • What are the iRule table limits?



  • Silverline WAF
  • Silverline DDoS
  • Customer Admins in charge of configuration of Silverline



  • Silverline Portal has built-in limits on the number of objects that customers may configure
  • Limits are enforced to ensure stability and reliability.
  • Limits are continually updated in the following table.

Configuration Limits (Table)

Object / Process Limit Related KB Pages
Denylisted IPs 10,000 IPs
iRules per Proxy 10 iRules
Items per iRule Data Table

2500 elements

& 50,000 bytes

iRules Data Tables Per Customer

500 tables

L7 DDoS profiles per Proxy 5 profiles
WAF Policies per Proxy  5 policies
Services per Proxy 5 services
Shape Defense Protected Endpoints 10 endpoints
SSL Profiles per Application Proxy  10 profiles


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