How To Configure iRules Proxy Option






iRules allow custom actions for incoming traffic, in order to deal with specific scenarios (such as blocking access based on requests matching specific criteria), and that cannot be achieved by other native protections. For more details on iRules, see the documentation in the iRules section of KB.

  1. Go to Config > Proxy Configuration > Proxy Management and select the Proxy you want to edit
  2. Select WAF Proxy, SSL HTTP, HTTP, and/or HTTP Redirect Service type
  3. Go to the iRule tab
  4. For each iRule that you want to be applied to this proxy or application, select from the list.
    • iRules that are applied to a proxy will appear in the iRules list

  5. Click the iRule name to open up that iRule editor for that iRule.
  6. Click the Save and Deploy option to apply the iRule changes.



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