How are firewall rules processed within Silverline's scrubbing centers?

Firewall Rules Overview

Customers may desire static filters on the traffic returned to them.  For routed customers, the Firewall Rules configuration allows customers to configure what traffic will be allowed or denied prior to being returned to the customer's data center.

NOTE: Firewall Rules do not apply to Proxy customers. An iRule should be leveraged for any Proxy specific use cases. See iRules in Silverline: Scope of Support


Processing Firewall Rules

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How firewall rules are processed within Silverline's scrubbing centers:

  • If the packet matches all conditions, the defined action (Allow/Deny) is taken and no further rules will be processed
  • If the packet doesn't match all conditions in the first rule, all subsequent rules will be processed from top-down for match conditions (See portal screenshot under 'Adding Firewall Rules via Portal' | step # 3)
  • If the packet passes through all rules without a match then the it will be discarded (Implicit Deny)




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