Router Monitoring (Netflow): Network Traffic

Router Monitoring is an additional feature where Silverline receives flow data directly from your router. If you are interested in turning on this feature, please contact your Silverline Sales representative.

Router Monitoring: Overview

Netflow sends sampled data about "flow" of traffic passing through the customer network to Silverline Collectors. That data is analyzed in realtime, looking for known patterns indicating potential attacks, characterized by multiple signature types. The F5 Silverline SOC team uses this information to proactively mitigate attacks, protecting customer networks.

See Also: Router Monitoring: Configuration


Monitoring Network Traffic on Local Network

Navigate to Monitor & Analyze > Network Traffic and click on the Customer tab. 



The graph defaults to showing Total Traffic. If you want to focus in on a single router's traffic, choose from the drop-down in the upper-right.


For more details on the tables at the bottom (Event, Alerts, Top Talkers, Reports), see DDoS Dashboard Timeline Graph 


Additional FAQs

Question Answer
How is the graph data displayed in the timeline gathered? Traffic as seen via the timeline graph is derived from sampled Netflow data.
What is the Netflow sampling rate leveraged by Silverline? The sampling rate is 1/1000.
Can I view smaller subnets, or individual IP stats, in the Timeline graph? YES! Just inform what subnets you want to monitor, and after a brief set-up period the graphs will be available via the Timeline. 
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