Onboarding Videos Guide: Web Application Firewall (WAF)

Welcome to F5 Silverline!

Watch the following onboarding videos before your Technical Onboarding Call with the Silverline SOC.

  • Please watch in the order listed.
  • Come to the Technical Onboarding Call with any questions.

Also see: Getting Started with Silverline WAF: Onboarding, Setup, and Implementation Plan


Onboarding Videos for WAF Customers

  1. WAF Onboarding Video 1: Welcome to Silverline Web Application Firewall (WAF) (8 mins)
  2. Onboarding Video 2: Setting Up Portal Account & Adding Users (4 mins)
  3. WAF Onboarding Video 3: Configuring WAF Services - Adding SSL Certificates, Proxies, and WAF Policies (6 mins)
  4. WAF Onboarding Video 4: WAF Policy Tuning Overview (4 mins)
  5. WAF Onboarding Video 5: Portal Walkthrough for WAF Customers (7 mins)


Optional Proxy Services


After the Videos

Fill out the WAF Technical Questionnaire -- Download from here: WAF Setup: Technical Questionnaire


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