Onboarding Guide: DDoS Proxy

Welcome to Silverline!

We recommend watching/reading the following onboarding videos/docs before your Technical Onboarding Call with the Silverline SOC. Come to the Technical Onboarding Call with any questions.


Onboarding for DDoS Proxy Customers

  1. Setting Up Portal Account & Adding Users
  2. How to Configure New Silverline Proxy / Application [Onboarding Doc]
    1. How to Configure a Proxy for HTTP / SSL HTTP / WAF Proxy Service Type
    2. How to Configure a Proxy for TCP / UDP / DNS Service Type
    3. Optional: [VIDEO] Proxy Configuration: HTTP Proxy deployment (a little outdated but mostly accurate)
  3. Proxy Set-up Guide: Test & Verify
  4. How to Configure Your On-Premises Setup to Route Traffic to Silverline Proxies 


Optional Proxy Services


More Silverline Videos

We have more than just onboarding videos! Check out our other videos on All Silverline Video Links.



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